Purchasing a property is a huge milestone in everyone’s life and we know the significance of the decision making process that goes into it. Equitis Mortgage Group provides free consultations, so contact us today to learn more about what you need to know in order to accomplish reaching this milestone.

First Time Purchase

Purchasing your first property is one of the most exciting moments that you will experience in your life. This landmark doesn’t happen without its challenges though. Figuring out what you need to purchase your first home, what programs you should take advantage of, and navigating through the many steps it takes to secure your mortgage financing is difficult.

Equitis Mortgage Group will walk you through every step of the way, handling any concerns you may have. We utilize our extensive network and experience to deliver the best solution in order to help you purchase your first ever property.

Important to Know

  • Clients can get approved for mortgages of up to 95% of the purchase price (95% Loan to Value)
  • First time home buyer incentive program available to help first time purchasers enter the market and lower their monthly mortgage payments. Government of Canada will provide up to 10% first time buyer’s purchase.Click here for more details.
  • Full and partial Property Transfer Tax (PTT) rebates are available depending on value and age of property. Click here for more details:

Second or Vacation Home

Buying a second or vacation home can be necessary in cases where your new job position has placed you in a new city. You will want to buy a new place that is closer to your new job to allow for shorter commutes and to be efficient with your day. It may be your intention to purchase the second home for your child who is away in another area for university.

Purchasing a second home is an option people like to exercise for varying reasons, and there are several programs out there to help achieve it with ease.

Important to Know

  • Conventional properties and properties with seasonal access all eligible
  • Clients can get approved for mortgages of up to 95% of the purchase price (95% Loan to Value)
  • Owner or relative must have the intention to occupy the property on a rent-free basis at some point during the year

Purchase Plus Improvements

In several situations, your desired property might be an older property or one that needs a little bit of work. If you are purchasing a new home that requires renovations and updates, there are programs that allow you to obtain mortgage financing for completing these improvements immediately after possession of the purchased property.

This significantly decreases the amount of time between looking to purchase a property and having the property purchased and completed with renovations.

Important to Know

  • Clients can get approved for mortgages of up to 95% of the purchase price (95% Loan to Value)
  • Maximum mortgage amount is determined by looking at what the value of the home would be after improvements.
  • Owner-occupied properties with a maximum of 1-4 units & rental properties eligible (depending on property types and whether it is insured or not)

Rental Property

Renting out your property is always a great avenue to explore to help supplement your income, and in many cases, have the rent you receive cover your mortgage payments. There are other advantages such as owning a tangible asset that can increase in value, as well as tax benefits.

People are constantly looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios, and rental properties are fantastic additions to them that increase your net worth and reduce your over risk.

Important to Know

  • Clients can get approved for mortgages of up to 80% of the purchase price (80% Loan to Value)
  • Existing or new properties with 1-4 units are considered under residential mortgages

What People Have To Say

Check out what people are saying about Equitis Mortgage Group

  • Melissa Abunnadi
    Purchasing our home was made easier with the help of Okhtay! This was our first home purchase and he was incredibly professional and thorough with every aspect of his work. He explained the steps of the process, he was always quick to respond, and I felt confident he was putting 110% into us as clients. He is excellent to work with and I highly recommend him as your mortgage broker for your next real estate purchase!
    Melissa Abunnadi
  • Julien Manac'h
    Being a first time home buyer meant I was completely new to the whole mortgage process. Okhtay guided me through each step seamlessly, explaining my various options along the way, getting me the best rate, and making sure I felt informed and comfortable throughout each decision.

    Not only that; anytime I had any questions, he was a phone call away. I could not recommend Okhtay more. In fact, when my sister needed a mortgage, I made sure he was the one to do it!

    Thanks for all your help! You made a stressed, first time home buyer feel at ease. The hardest part of the whole process was walking through the front door!
    Julien Manac'h
  • Romain Penet
    I chose to deal with Okhtay when purchasing my first home after meeting with a few different mortgage brokerages. He was very easy to deal with and did a great job leading me through the process. I didn’t know anything about mortgages, but his professionalism and knowledge made me feel very confident with my investment. I am very happy with the service he provided and have since recommended them to all of my friends and extended family.
    Romain Penet
  • Daniel Margarit
    My experience working with Okhtay was great. I was a first-time home buyer and he was unbelievably helpful. Okhtay made the mortgage process feel so much less-stressful and he took care of so many details and factors that I wasn’t even aware of. His expertise and experience in mortgages helped me learn so much, but also he helped me secure the best options and products for my purchase. I would highly recommend Okhtay as Vancouver’s top mortgage specialist.
    Daniel Margarit
  • Nitesh Verma
    Working with Okhtay was a stress free experience. He was great at educating me with the process and making it as seamless as possible. Being able to find me better then standard interest rates was a great bonus to the already amazing service I received.
    Nitesh Verma

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